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have your bank


If you have reached this page, it means that you already have the entrepreneurial spirit to have your own business in the financial market. We at Seleto Bank are
growing rapidly. By the end of 2021, we are motivated to help at least 30 new entrepreneurs in Brazil and make them grow even more.

Software for your digital bank

Have your own banking technology and be free!

Celular e fundo verde

Have you ever thought about having a Digital Bank ?

Or do you have a Digital Bank , but your
software is rented ( WhiteLabel )?

Have your own technology and do not depend on external people to update or maintain your Digital Bank or Fintech .

See 7 reasons

for which you must be the owner of your own software in your Digital Bank or Fintech.

1  More security for your operations;

2  Freedom to modify and develop new functions whenever you want;

3  You don't have to rely on external programmers to solve problems;

4  No monthly technology rental fee;

5  The sources live on your server and you have full control;

6  Better risk management ;

7  Reduced processing cost .


Seleto Bank has developed a robust technology, where we have gathered the following

✔ Banking panel responsive client, in desktop and mobile versions;
✔ Administrative panel;
✔ Full payment arrangement functions;
✔ Security Settings with Rules if PCI, HSM (passwords);
✔ Customization of Systems with the Visual Identity of the client;
✔ Accounting Plan in the COSIF Model.

Note: Compliance with Law 12,865, where the Central Bank defined and regulated the Payment Arrangements.


Discover the supported solutions and services

Here's a little bit about each of the services you can offer.

Digital Account

✔ Recharge Ticket;
✔ Boleto for Third Parties;
✔ TED from other banks;
✔ Receipt via QR-Code;
✔ Receipt via Card Wallet;
✔ Transfers between digital accounts;

✔ Transfers betweendigitalaccounts ;
✔ TED to other banks;
✔ Payment of Bills andBoletos;
✔ Payment of Taxes;
✔ Payment via QR-Code;
✔ Payment viaCard Wallet;
✔ Buying and selling Bitcoins.

Discover the integrations offered

✔ Prepaid card;
✔ TED;
✔ Several custodian banks.



✔ We deliver your bank ready in up to 15 days;
✔ Delivery and transfers of all source codes to you;
✔ Training for Technical Team (Controller and management team);
✔ Initial Training for Multipliers to Use the Platform;


Having a company in the financial sector , allowing you to offer banking products and services directly to your customers, suppliers and employees, with your own technology .


How much would a technology like Seleto Bank cost on the market?

Note: There is currently no company that delivers the system to you (source code).

Today, what exists in the market are several companies selling WhiteLabel , that is, leasing their technology .
That way, you don't own the source codes.

WhiteLabel price sold on the market:

From R$100 thousand to R$1.5 million reais the Set Up
(a kind of glove)
monthly fee that varies (R$ 5 thousand to 40 thousand reais)

Price of SeletoBank's technology?

Note: I repeat, we will deliver the source codes and you can do whatever you want with them.


Contact us

and we will be happy to help and let you know all the details!

Ready to have your own banking technology ?

Ready to get started?

Talk to a member of the development team to have your own banking technology.

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