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SELETO BANK PAGAMENTOS S/A , a company incorporated in Brazil with NIRE 52600829572, with operational headquarters at the following addresses - Brazil: São Paulo – Rua Major Quedinho, 99, Centro, São Paulo, CEP 01050-030 e_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_ Goiânia - Rua T-64, 322 - Setor Bela Vista - CEP 74.823-350. 

We are a Payment Institution, under the prepaid payment arrangement not part of the Brazilian Payment System - SBP, issuer of electronic money and  allowed to act as correspondents of financial institutions -_cc781905-5cde- 3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ LAW No. 12.865/2013 ART. 6 , we follow the obligations and guidelines of  CIRCULAR NO. 3.682/2013 ART. 2 , under CNPJ 34.049.840/0001-60,  issued by the Federal Revenue Service of Brazil.

SeletoBank complies with all applicable laws and regulations in Brazil. In compliance with the provisions of art. 41 of Law No. 13,709 of 2018 (General Data Protection Law).

SeletoBank makes available  digital account   for companies in which it is possible to Receive, Make Payments and Transfers with PIX, TED/DOC, Cryptocurrencies and Boleto Bancário.

This documentation will help you to integrate SeletoBank services with your system using the API.

What can I do with this API?

  • Open a digital account

  • Receive with Boleto, Pix and Cryptocurrencies

  • Pay the bills

  • Transfer money between accounts

  • Make payments via PIX and TED

  • get extracts

Integrate to simplify even further

Your company does not need to give up the ERP it is using or use another system to make payments. The Seleto Bank platform can be easily integrated via API into your ERP and perform the same tasks with total efficiency and security, reducing the team's adaptation time with the new solution.


How can I be attended to if I have questions?


How does the API work?

It is a REST API. That is, there are several resources, each with its own URL. Resources can be accessed and changed using standard HTTP operations such as GET (list or display), PUT (change a resource), POST (create a resource) and DELETE (delete a resource).

More information:

  • Sobre  REST API click here ;

  • Unicode-encoded JSON returns;

  • Dates in MM/DD/YYYY format;

  • Numbers with “.” as decimal separators, without thousands separators and with the “-” sign representing negative values.

Is there a separation between test and production environment?

We are working to release the Sandbox version.


Does HTTP status have meaning?

Yup. A correct validation of this status is important considering that a value greater than or equal to 300 always represents an error. The statuses follow the HTTP standard. The most common are:

  • Status 200 means processing successfully completed without reservations;

  • Status 201 means that something requested was created successfully;

  • Status 400 means that something provided by the user does not match what was expected;

  • Status 401 means something went wrong with the credentials that were provided to the API;

  • A 403 status means that something you are trying to do is not available for your authorization level, or some feature has not yet been released to you;

  • Status 500 means that some validation on the server side did not go as planned on the request.

Can I do PIX (Instant Payment) in batch?

Take advantage of the API and make your company payments instantly with PIX. In this way, your activities gain agility and ease of payments.


Is there validation of bank details?

We validate Pix Key data, resulting in the most efficient payment.

The Pix key (email, cell phone, CPF, CNPJ or random key) and the document of its recipient undergo two validations: 

1st -  If the key respects the parameters; e 

2nd - If your recipient is active, either as a person or a company.


Click below and go to the Seletobank API documentation.

Did you have any doubts?


Open a ticket by sending an email to: .

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