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API Terms of Use


Last Update: August 01, 2021


This Service Agreement has the general terms and conditions for contracting the systems and services provided by SELETO BANK PAGAMENTOS S/A , a legal entity governed by private law, registered with CNPJ/ME No. 34.049.840/0001-60, with operational headquarters at the following addresses - Brazil: São Paulo – Rua Major Quedinho, 99, Centro, São Paulo, CEP 01050-030 e  Goiânia - Rua T-64, 322 - Setor Bela Vista - CEP 74.823 -350.  ("SELETOBANK").


This Term becomes effective between SELETOBANK and the Contracting Party from the date of signature of the Order, which contains all the relevant data of the relationship between the Parties. The Client's access and use of the Services contracted will be by this Agreement, which presents the general conditions applicable to the relationship between the Parties.


This Policy explains and regulates how SELETOBANK provides tools, content and services through Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), to manage and facilitate the integration between user and partner platforms.
The content of this term is intended for analysts and programmers involved in systems integration projects.


The USER declares to have read and fully and unreservedly accepted all clauses and obligations   of these Terms and Conditions. 



1. About APIs

1.1. The acronym API corresponds to the English words “Application Programming Interface”. In Portuguese “Application Programming Interface” – it is a set of routines, protocols and tools for the construction of software applications that allows the exchange of information between different programming languages and systems.

1.2. The potential of the SELETOBANK platform can be expanded through APIs, as a direct and secure “bridge” is created with the user's system and/or partner and financial institution to: 

(i) promote the automatic sending of bank information, in a massive way through the user's and/or partner's own system; 

(ii) automate financial settlements, eliminating bank bureaucracy; 

(iii) validation of bank details.

2. Conditions for using the APIs


2.1. As a rule, SELETOBANK API documentation is publicly accessible, which is available through the link:

2.2 SELETOBANK is able to provide the instant payment method (Pix), through its custodian banks, according to the rules and conditions established by the Central Bank of Brazil in  Pix Regulation that the USER declares to be aware of and accept. 

2.3 To use the Pix API, the USER is aware that he must use the security certificate provided  pela SELETOBANK within the account, in the format PFX. 

2.4 The security certificate must be requested via email, upon presentation of credentials. 

2.5 The USER chooses to enable his Digital Account and to use the lient_Id keys.

2.6 The Pix API gathers endpoints that allow: 

(i) Send Pix. 

(ii) issue, review and consult charges; 

(iii) manage and   reconcile all types of Pix receipts; and

(iiv) manage notifications through Webhooks  cadastrados for each Pix key registered in the transactional account. 

2.7. For the consumption and use of the APIs, you will need: 

(i) be a user and/or partner of SELETOBANK, with a service agreement, or similar, in force; 

(ii) formally request, by channel established in the contract, interest in and access to APIs features and documentation; 

(iii) present cybersecurity policy in force in the company, as well as technically demonstrate robust security protocols; 

(iv) obtain approval for the integration between the platforms; 

(v) be granted access and permissions to run the API.

3. Available APIs

3.1. – Intelligence API for automating the payment routine;

3.2. – Intelligence API for validating bank data.

4. Definitions 


These Terms and Conditions of Use shall be interpreted in accordance with the following definitions: 

4.1 Pix Key: is the CPF/CNPJ, e-mail, cell phone number or random key registered with SELETOBANK for linking to the transactional account; 

4.2 Transactional Account: is your account held at SELETOBANK; 

4.3 Credentials: these are the mechanisms that allow access to SELETOBANK systems, including  i to the Pix API, such as usernames and passwords, digital signatures, Pix keys, _cc781905-5cde-3194 integration keys -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_API, certificates, tokens, etc.  

4.4 DICT: is the Directory of Transactional Account Identifiers maintained by the Central Bank of Brazil to store Pix keys linked to transactional accounts; 

4.5 QR Code: is the two-dimensional bar code that will be used in order to facilitate the  initiation of a payment transaction;  

4.6 Static QR Code: is the QR Code generated by the Receiving User, to initiate one or more Pix, whose payment transaction information is within the QR Code encoding, with few  functionalidades that can be configured by part of the Receiving User. The value insertion may   be performed by the Receiving User or by the Paying User. The Static QR Code does not have an expiration or expiration date   and is not part of the Pix API for issuance, only consultation. 

4.7 Dynamic QR Code: is the QR Code generated by the Receiving User, to initiate one or more Pix, whose  payment transaction information is outside the QR Code encoding, accessed through _cc781905-5cde- 3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_a JSON payload, with several features that can be configured by the Receiving User, such as interest, late fees, due date, discounts, etc. The insertion of the value   must, necessarily, be performed by the Receiving User. 1.8 Paying User: is the end user who, in the processing of Pix, has his/her transactional account debited;  

4.9 Receiving User: is the end user who, in Pix processing, has his transactional account  creditada; 

4.10 Pix Regulation: is the set of rules and conditions defined by the Central Bank of Brazil, in  institutor of the instant payments arrangement, which is permanently  available at the electronic address of the Central Bank of Brazil. 

5. Declarations 


5.1 The USER is aware that the Pix API consists of a non-exclusive, non-transferable,  sublicensable, revocable license limited to integration with the SELETOBANK Platform. 

5.2 The USER is aware that he may not sell, rent, sublicense, or redistribute access to the   API to third parties.  

5.3 The USER is aware that the services offered under the Pix API may be charged at the discretion of SELETOBANK. 

5.4 The USER, in the process of generating the Pix API integration key, may configure the  permission for balance movement and, when enabled, the USER is responsible for using _cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_adequate of functionality, even when performed by third parties. 

5.5 The USER is aware that when the integration key for Pix API with permission to: move balance is entered or informed on any server or third-party service, all with  access to the places where the third party stores the keys, whether on the server, in a database or any   other type of structure, will be able to move the balance. 

5.6 The USER is aware that he is solely responsible for maintaining the security and confidentiality of the Pix API   credentials, as well as all login information for the SELETOBANK systems._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_

5.7 The USER is aware that the sharing of credentials is his/her sole and exclusive responsibility , including any damage resulting from abusive and/or improper use of the keys  with permission to move balance.  

5.8 The USER is aware that it is his/her responsibility to adopt security measures to  manage and/or limit the use of Pix API endpoints by third parties. 

5.9 The USER is aware that he may terminate the license by simply discontinuing the use of the  API Pix. 

5.10 The USER is aware that SELETOBANK may terminate the Pix API license, at its sole discretion , including for commercial disinterest, at any time, without prior notice.  

5.11 The USER is aware that the Pix API license will be automatically terminated if any of the following conditions is  checked: 

(i) if the USER violates any provision of these  Terms and/or Privacy Policy; 


(ii) if the USER uses the API improperly, illegally or abusively ; 

(iii) if SELETOBANK, in its sole discretion, decides to suspend or discontinue any  aspect of the API; 

(iv) make use of the Pix brand in such a way as to cause damage, including image damage, to Banco  Central do Brasil or to Pix; 

(v) act in a way that compromises Pix's image, integrity and security . 

5.12 The USER is aware that it is prohibited: 

(i) use the API in a manner that violates any law or right of  third party, or in a fraudulent or unauthorized manner; 


(ii) transmit any type of malicious code capable of damaging, interfering with or intercepting data on SELETOBANK's systems;

(iii)   reverse engineer, disassemble, decompile or otherwise attempt to discover the  source code or structure, sequence and organization of any or all part of the API; (iv) use API   to develop products or services competing with those of SELETOBANK, under penalty of the crime of unfair competition, provided for in article 195 of Law No. 9.279/96._cc781905-5cde-3194- bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

5.13 The USER is aware that the use of the Pix brand must respect the conditions and limits  established by the Central Bank of Brazil.

5.14 The USER is aware that the advertisements of payment instruments accepted by the USER may not convey the Pix brand in a smaller dimension than the brands, symbols or logos of other accepted payment instruments and may not transmit the impression that Pix has  acceptance more restricted or less advantageous than the other accepted instruments. 

5.15 The USER is aware that the use of the Pix brand does not confer any right of ownership or other benefit related to the brand. 

5.16 The USER undertakes to inform SELETOBANK, immediately, by means of the e-mail: whenever he becomes aware of improper use, attempt to  copy or violation of rights arising from the Pix trademark. 

5.17 The USER is aware that SELETOBANK is the sole owner of all intellectual property rights   related to the API and the content of the Platform, the USER having no rights over _cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_none of these assets. 

5.18 The USER declares that it owns all intellectual property rights over its website and/or  application. in accordance with the General Data Protection  Data Protection Act.  

5.20 The USER is aware that it is solely responsible for ensuring the privacy and security of the  data stored on its website and/or application, and must adopt all security measures_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_ fit. 

5.21 The USER declares that, in the event of any information security incident involving,  directly or indirectly, personal data of the SELETOBANK Platform user obtained through the  API, undertakes to notify SELETOBANK immediately, as well as to cooperate in any investigations that may be carried out. The USER is aware that the non-notification or its unjustified delay  will be liable for damages caused to third parties, and SELETOBANK has the right to  return in case of judicial conviction or extrajudicial. 

5.22 The USER declares for itself and for its employees, contractors, partners, member companies  of its economic group, shareholders and administrators, that it acts in compliance with all laws and regulations related to combating and preventing corruption, money laundering and ao  financing of terrorism. 

5.23 The parties agree that this instrument will be signed electronically, via digital signature  of the OAB Portal, being considered valid and effective between the parties and sufficient for its binding and proof of its authorship and integrity._cc781905 -5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

6. Developer Policy Violations


6.1. It is immediately clarified to the user and/or partner - who declares himself aware - that the permission to use the APIs provided by SELETOBANK must be used only, and in accordance with the purposes listed in this document, any misuse listed in this policy or, that SELETOBANK deems inappropriate, it may immediately revoke access and permissions, without prior notice.

6.2. SELETOBANK will provide Application Keys that allow access to platform information. The user and/or partner may not share or transfer the Keys to third parties without the prior written consent of SELETOBANK. Application Keys are the property of SELETOBANK and can be revoked at any time.

6.3. SELETOBANK has the right to limit the number of periodic calls to the APIs. In case of exceeding the limit stipulated in specific documentation, access may be temporarily suspended. Attempts to circumvent API call limits may result in suspension of the license to use APIs, revocation of access, and/or reduced access to all or some APIs. The authorization granted by SELETOBANK is a non-exclusive and non-transferable license to use the developer's tools, only for the purposes set out in this term.

7. Get more information


7.1. For more information or questions about the use of cookies or other technologies, send an email to .br.

8. General Provisions

8.1. The terms and technical documentation contained in this Developer Policy have an indefinite duration and may be modified at any time for adjustments and insertions, with a view to improving the services available.

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