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You have every reason to trust Seleto Bank.

Understand why Seleto Bank is reliable.


As important as our protection is the protection of our customers.

That's why we have guaranteed security from the first login.

Secure Login

Access Notification: We monitor your account and will therefore send an Access Notification on every Login to inform and confirm your identity if we find suspicious activity.

Google Authenticator: We have integration with Google's    authenticator, used to implement two-step identity validation service, to strengthen the security of your transactions.


Your money and safe assets

Custodian banks: your money is kept in the payment account of the big banks. That way you and your money have the same security. 

Cold Wallet: 99% of our cryptocurrencies are stored in a “Cold Wallet”, an offline cryptocurrency wallet that keeps the asset safe from possible hacker attacks.


Account activities: We record in detail  all activities performed on your account.


Secure Transactions

Identity verification: in any financial transaction, your PIN information will be required to guarantee your identity.


Email notification: We monitor your account and will therefore send you a notification to confirm your financial transaction.


Google Authenticator: 2-factor authentication that implements an identity validation service to strengthen security at the time of sending transactions.

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