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Cookies Policy


Last Update: August 01, 2021


This Policy explains how SELETOBANK uses cookies and similar technologies to recognize who accesses the sites _cc781905-5cde -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_e clarifies the functioning of these technologies, the purpose, as well as the rights related to those who access/navigate the website.


1. What are Cookies?


1.1. Cookies are files that contain a string of characters that are sent to the computer of those who browse the Website. When there is a new visit, the cookie allows this website to recognize the user's and/or visitor's browser, store preferences and other information to customize access, then provide a convenience feature to save time or inform the web server that you have returned to a specific page.


2. About the use of Cookies


2.1. The use of cookies by SELETOBANK is carried out to store information that can improve the visitor's experience on the website, such as saving access preferences. Some cookies are necessary for technical reasons for the website to function. Other cookies also allow you to track and target the interests of users and visitors.


3. Types of Cookies


3.1. Specifically, the SELETOBANK website uses several types of cookies, which can be grouped as follows:


The. Essential cookies: are those strictly necessary to browse the website, as well as to provide all the features available on the platform. Without these cookies the services are unavailable;

B. Performance and functionality cookies: they are used to improve the performance and functionality of the website, but are not essential for its use, however, without performance cookies, certain functionality may be unavailable. These are performance and functionality cookies: 

(i) check the user and visitor navigation routine; 

(ii) improve the performance and functionality of the website; 

(iii) facilitate and speed up the completion of forms; 

(iv) allow cross-referencing with the user account data registered on the SELETOBANK platform;

ç. Analysis and personalization cookies: collect information to help understand how the website has been used or to measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns;

d. Advertising Cookies: These are used to make advertising messages more relevant to the user and/or visitor, preventing the same ad from reappearing continuously, ensuring that ads are displayed correctly to advertisers and, in some cases, selecting ads based on identified interests;

and. Social network cookies: they are used to allow the sharing of pages and content by the user or visitor through third-party social networks and other websites, they can also be used for advertising purposes;


f. Geolocation cookies: indicate the location of the user and/or visitor, such as from which country or region they are browsing;

g. Third-party cookies: sent to the computer of users and/or visitors that do not belong to the website owner, that is, they are under the domain of third parties, usually partners. Care for the privacy and security of users and/or visitors remains a priority, even in these cases.


4. Control of Cookies


4.1. The user and/or visitor has the right to decide whether to accept or reject cookies, either in the browser options, in the pop-ups on the SELETOBANK website or by making changes to the Antivirus program tools. It is important to note that by disabling cookies, there may be a change in the way you interact with the website.

4.2. As the means by which the user and/or visitor can refuse cookies vary according to the browser used, below are links to the main browsers for effective deactivation:

Internet Explorer
Microsoft Edge
Mozilla Firefox
Google Chrome


5. Get more information


5.1. For more information or questions about the use of cookies or other technologies, send an email to .


6. General Provisions


6.1. The terms contained in this Cookies Policy have an indefinite duration and may be modified at any time and, if changed, a notice of revision will be made available on the website itself.

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